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About Us

Upcycling is an emerging trend that is reaching people across the world. In the wake of increasing concern about environmental sustainability there is a growing demand for products which not only have a positive impact on the environment but are also sourced ethically, locally and responsibly.

CIRQLATE contributes to this by providing a range of personal accessories and homewares, crafted by local Fremantle artists, who source their materials from recycled objects.

Meet Our Artists

Charlotte Kenyon

Charlotte Kenyon owner of CIRQLATE

Charlotte's love for sewing and jewellery design began at a young age. At heart she is a maker and creator, always striving to be resourceful and design things that are useful and serve a purpose.

Charlotte is the owner of CIRQLATE. The business was born out of a passion for community and the impact we make on this planet. She values the process in which waste can become something new, helping to manage the way we not only dispose of waste but also the way we think about it.

Lora Busellato

Lora Busellato artist who sells products through CIRQLATE

Not only is Lora a talented crocheter, sewer and crafter, she is also a keen upcycler. Behind Lora's expertise in making beautiful products, lies an ability to find discarded materials and reuse them.

Lora's passion for art grew out of a difficult period in her life. She found that creating lifted her spirit and thus it became an intrinsic part of her life. At her peaceful property in Wattleup, Perth, Lora spends much of her time creating beautiful products for others to enjoy.

Elena Cortinovis

Elena is the creator behind 100s of Podsibilities, a jewellery range made from recycled coffee pods. Born in Italy, Elena now lives in Fremantle, WA, a hub for many innovative artists, interested in environmental sustainability.

Planet Ark reports Australians consume around 3 million single serve coffee pods everyday. Inspired by the need to recycle, Elena designed a way to transform them into one of a kind jewellery pieces.

Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall is passionate about sustainable living and with her love of beach side living Indigo Dreaming was born. Like every beach lover finding a piece of sea glass is the ultimate treasure during any beach adventure.

Collecting these throw away gems and creating new and unique sterling silver pieces, is all part of her 'fashion for salty souls' range of accessories made from recycled materials. dreaming

Amy Vinicombe

Everyday we throw away resources to be recycled or to be put to landfill. Working in cafes for the last 10 years Amy has seen the vast amounts of resources consumed and then thrown away. For example 'the Tetra Pak' (long life milk container)

So why don't we use this product that's in abundance to make goods already needed? Why not be more creative with what we have and think beyond what is considered 'trash'. This is the question Amy asked herself 4 years ago, and from there sprung 'resoyclables'.

Lee Tarrant

Lee was brought up going to op shops and learned at an early age, that
reusing and recycling was a positive thing. Lee's very first bike was upcycled from the tip!

Lee currently picks up bikes from council verge side collections and upcycles parts, to make products that are both unique and practical. Lee loves tinkering in her shed, making something new out of objects that someone has discarded. Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill is something Lee is very passionate about.

Paula Wagner

Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured memories are sorting through her mum's button tin as a young girl in the highlands of Scotland and making outfits from old clothes, for all her dolls and teddies.

Paula has carried on this love and has now created her own brand Paula W. Paula loves working with items other people have discarded or no longer have a need for. Located in Victoria Park, Western Australia, Paula brings new life to these items and still removes buttons and adds them to her treasured button tin.

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